How to Lucid Dream

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10 Lucid Dreaming Steps

ManFlyingLucid dreaming is dreaming in which you’re aware you’re dreaming, and you can even decide to control and manipulate the dream. Usually this happens when you see strange things, and when you stop to question this reality, you realize you’re in a dream. Occasionally, this type of dreaming happens naturally but some people may experience it naturally more regularly than others. However, you can learn to initiate lucid dreams at will with minimal effort.

While dreaming you enter the subconscious, which may tell plenty about your life and help solve difficult problems. Thanks to this form of dreaming, you can find answers to open questions in real life and discover some secrets about your personality. The following are 10 lucid dreaming tips that can help you dream what you really want to dream.

1. A couple of hours before going to bed, just relax and try not to overload your body and mind with an unnecessary dense meal, physical exercise, emotions and experiences.

2. Choose what you’d like to dream. Since dreams are based on some internal logic, your dream shouldn’t be a detailed plot description. Specify what type of creative or intellectual issue you want to resolve, or perhaps you want to visit a relative who stays far away, go for an adventure, or tour a foreign country. Whatever the case may be, the dream should be about an actual problem that bothers you.

3. After specifying what you want to achieve with these dreams, write it on a sheet of paper.

4. Now you have to get ready to remember your dream. For this to happen, put a pen and pad near your bed so that you write down as many details as you can just after you wake up.

5. Program yourself to wake up as soon as you have a lucid dream. In fact, you can have many dreams in one night, but, generally you only remember the last one. Therefore, it’s essential to wake up immediately your desired dream ends.

6. Learn to get into the different consciousness states, which accompany you before and after you sleep. Don’t fall asleep at once, once your head touches your pillow, and don’t get out of bed as soon as you wake up. A state between dreaming and reality is the kind of window to your worlds where you can get crucial information.

7. When you’re falling asleep, visualize the tiniest details of the dream you want to have. Engage your fantasy and imagination.

8. After waking up, don’t hurry back to reality trying to hold on to the remaining pictures that haven’t yet fully evaporated from the mind.

9. When you’re completely awake, write down all the things you remember, as well as everything that comes to your mind, without leaving your bed.

10. If you have a careful plan for these dreams, then you’ll achieve what you exactly want to see in your dreams. If you follow these steps every day, you’ll achieve good results, and these dreams will become useful and beneficial in your every day life.

Lucid dreaming is a totally healthy and natural experience. It’s just like all the other dreams save for the fact that you know that it’s a dream. Lucid dreams have nothing to do with escapism, the occult or new age. They also have the same impact as any other regular dreams.

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The Amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Sunset Flight

There are numerous amazing benefits of a lucid dream that it’s almost impossible to talk about them all. These benefits begin with your ability to relieve stress through your dreams. However, there are many other solid positives of this type of dreaming in your life. The following are five great benefits that you can experience with these types of dreams.

Stress relief

As mentioned above, stress relief is one of the biggest benefits of these dreams. During very stressful times in your life, it can be a boost to be able to have a lucid dream where you take a great vacation in Hawaii for free. Many people use sex while having a lucid dream to relieve stress, or can act up fantasies where they are beating every bad guy in their life, getting rid of all the stress they currently have.

Problem solving skills

Many mathematicians and scientists consider problem solving skills the best of benefits associated with lucid dreams. They may think about a specific problem while dreaming. As the brain works differently during dreaming, it will usually create fresh connections you would not have imagined before, making it much easier to devise ways to solve mathematical or scientific problems. You may also use the dreams to solve issues in your life by trying various solutions and seeing their outcomes in your dream.

Creativity boost

Many people are extremely creative while having such a dream, and you can intentionally be so. Some musicians can compose music in their lucid dream, and inventors and painters use them to find ideas to work with in real life, too. Even if you are not in a creative field, it’s interesting to note how your brain creates new connections subconsciously, and you can use some of that creativity in your day to day life.

Practice skills

Many surgeons, pilots, martial arts practitioners, and other professionals whose jobs involve the ability to a do a number of specific actions can practice their skills very efficiently in lucid dreams. In fact, this is one of the best things about this kind of dreaming, because it can actually reinforce real connections in your brain to make such actions more natural every day.

Facing fears

Some individuals use a lucid dream to face their phobias or overcome nightmares. You can control your dreams to face a worst-case situation, so you know you can overcome it. You may also use lucid dreams to gradually face your fears and know how to overcome them. For example, if you’re scared of creepy-crawlies, you can make yourself face them in your dreams, knowing that you can wake up any time.